Check out the article in today’s (July 27th’s) Washington Post Real Estate Section, The do’s and don’ts of back yard aquatic installations.

The article describes how “Washington-area homeowners are using waterfalls, fountains and ponds to provide them a respite from the noise and stress of busy lives.”  The sight, sound and cooling effect of still or bubbling water brings tranquility to even the most urban garden spaces.  The author points out that landscape water features do require maintenance and can present challenges, but emphasizes that proper planning and construction methods will keep complications and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Having designed, built and maintained water features and pools for Loudoun County landscapes and DC Metro area gardens, our team has the expertise to understand potential challenges and create a customized plan for a beautiful low-maintenance water feature. If you are considering adding a fountain, waterfall, pool or other custom water feature to your Northern Virginia landscape, Wildwood can offer solid guidance for your liquid landscape elements.

To see examples, check out our gallery page of Water Features and Pools, or visit our Facebook page to see newly added photos of a gorgeous woodland pool garden.

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