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Serving Loudoun County, Washington, D.C.
& Surrounding Metro Area Since 2005
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LANDSCAPES All of our projects are designed with aesthetics, functionality and sustainability in mind. We pride ourselves in our ability to design dramatic and exciting landscapes regardless of the style. We demonstrate great care when implementing our designs. Our plant material is hand selected and skillfully installed by seasoned Landscape technicians.

MASONRY Using very traditional methods of stone construction, we hand select the materials to make the garden spaces feel like an outdoor extension of the home. Our masons are skilled in a variety of stone and brick work. We build walkways, patios, seat walls, retaining walls, fireplaces, fire pits, pool decks & coping, all done in house with Wildwood Employees.

OUTDOOR KITCHENS Just as the kitchen is the center of your home, an outdoor kitchen is a great gathering place. From a basic grill island to an entire commercially equipped outdoor kitchen, the sky is the limit. Previous projects have included large pizza ovens, green egg stations, kegerators, wine fridges, recycling / refuse storage and fridges.

WATER FEATURES Natural ponds and waterfalls are beautiful and tranquil. Our water creations are designed and built to blend into the surrounding landscape. Wildwood designs ponds, streams and fountains in all different sizes and shapes.

SCREENED PORCHES, DECKS, GAZEBOS & PERGOLAS Just like many of our other amenities, our carpentry aspects are also one of a kind. The use of natural or synthetic material will add value to your home and create additional outdoor entertaining areas.

CUSTOM SWIMMING POOLS & SPAS If you are looking to relax in your own personal oasis, allow us to design and install your custom dream pool or spa. Whether it is a tanning ledge, water fall, or a symphony of fountains, our designers will work with you to make your vision come to life.

DRAINAGE Keeping water away from the home and out of beds is essential. We can extend downspouts and drain pipes further out into the yard. We also install dry wells, cisterns, and French drains depending on your needs.

VEGETABLE GARDENS – there is nothing better than reaping the rewards of your hard work. Enjoying a homegrown tomato, fresh lettuce and herbs can be the highlight of your summer! Whether it is a traditional garden space or raised planter beds, we can assist with getting you started. For the dedicated gardener, we can also construct a greenhouse for year round enjoyment.

OUTDOOR LIGHTING Adding outdoor lighting to your landscape can enhance the ambiance of your garden or landscape at night highlighting specimen plant material or a masonry feature.

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