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Serving Loudoun County, Washington, D.C.
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Wildwood Landscape has two Designers with over 50+ years experience. They will be able to take your wish list to create a custom design that can range from a simple garden bed to a full blown Master design. Our Business Development Manager will meet with you individually to discuss your needs for your outdoor living space and shepherd you through the Design process. Small projects typically take one to two weeks to complete. Master Designs typically take a minimum of a month to complete as they are more complex. One to two weeks after the initial meeting, you will have a concept verification meeting with the Sales rep and Designer to go over the vision for your space. There will be open discussion as we is creating this space for you. We will take that feedback and make any adjustments to the design, then finalize by labeling any plant material. A second concept verification meeting will take place to present the final drawing. Throughout the design process we will discuss budgets and phasing. Our goal is to provide a solution to your needs that fits within your budget. Once Phase One is determined and material has been selected, we will provide you with a breakdown in cost.

Master Plans – The master plan is a collaboration between you and one of our talented designers resulting in a scaled drawing of your home, property and landscape. The master plan reflects your style and vision for your property. All of our designs are one of a kind and are created with every detail in mind specific to the property. Another attribute of the master plan is that it allows the homeowner to install the project in phases as their budget and lifestyle needs dictate.

Vignette Concepts – For those who don’t require a Master Design, our designers can create a concept on a smaller scale such as patios, walkways and planting beds. Each concept is a customized for each client.

3D Rendering – We also offer 3D Renderings. Once the Master Design is completed, our Designer will bring it to life by creating a 3D rendering of your project to help you visualize what the overall project could look like.

LANDSCAPES All of our projects are designed with aesthetics, functionality and sustainability in mind. We pride ourselves in our ability to design dramatic and exciting landscapes regardless of the style. We demonstrate great care when implementing our designs. Our plant material is hand selected and skillfully installed.MASONRY Using very traditional methods of stone construction, we hand select the materials to make the garden spaces feel like an outdoor extension of the home. Our masons are skilled in a variety of stone and brick work. We build walkways, patios, seat walls, retaining walls, fireplaces, fire pits and pool decks all done in house.

OUTDOOR KITCHENS Just as the kitchen is the center of your home, an outdoor kitchen is a great gathering place. We have installed numerous outdoor kitchens of many different sizes and styles.

WATER FEATURES AND POOLS Natural ponds and waterfalls are beautiful and tranquil. Our water creations are designed and built to blend into the surrounding landscape. The sound of a waterfall is relaxing. Wildwood designs swimming pools, ponds, streams and fountains in all different sizes and shapes.

MAINTENANCE Let us help you preserve your investment by maintaining your property after installation. We a have a knowledgeable and experienced crew dedicated to providing all maintenance services including: Mowing, lawn restoration and care, plant care and fertilization, pruning and weeding. Our talented gardening staff can change seasonal annuals in your beds and containers to keep your home and property fresh looking all year long. Visit our Maintenance Page for more details.

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