Recurring Mowing Maintenance

Leave the landscaping and lawn care maintenance tasks to the pros. Wildwood Landscape provides monthly recurring maintenance packages that cover both mowing and string trimming leaving your yard looking beautiful all growing-season long.

This recurring package means that yardwork is a worry of the past. Our skills landscapers and tradesmen are professionally trained to maintain the uniqueness of your lawn and its needs.

Our most popular package, the mowing and string trimming includes the mowing requirements your yard requires to stay green and within your HOA rules. Left to our professional and their equipment and expertise, your home is ensured to grow into a healthy, happy turf.

What is String Trimming?

Often commonly referred to as a “weed eater” or “weed wacker,” string trimming involves the unique mowing required by the edges of your lawn. Having a lush turf is one thing, but hiring a mowing and landscaping company well versed in edge maintenance and string trimming really brings the landscape together creating a defined, crafted result.

Wildwood Landscapes offers string trimming as a part of their recurring mowing maintenance package meaning each mow will look nice, tight, and clean.

Weed Wacking

Maintenance Mowing

Looking for mowing services in Leesburg? Wildwood Landscape offers monthly mowing packages that take the stress and monotony of landscaping and lawn care off your plate and leaves you with a stunning yard, lush lawn, and well-maintained grass all season.

Our skilled team of landscapers have been providing Purcellville and surrounding cities and towns with expert mowing services for decades now. Trust the team at Wildwood to turn your lawn into your own personal outdoor oasis.

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