Beautifying Your Lawn through Bed Maintenance

Bed maintenance is an important part of keeping your home’s landscape beautiful. Mulching and plants can be quite the investment and keeping your beds maintained will make sure your hard work stays beautiful. With beds that are well maintained, your plants and shrubs will be able to keep a healthy, and full appearance in a weed reduced environment.

Spring Cleanup

Spring cleaning applies to more than just inside the home. Let us help get your yard ready for the warmer weather with our spring cleanup package. What exactly is spring cleanup? Great question! This is where we go through your yard and pull all those pesky weeds before they take over your beautiful flower beds, but we don’t stop there. We also do structural pruning! Having a good starting point at the beginning of the growing season sets your lawn up for landscaping success for the rest of the year. Pruning, bed maintenance, and deadheading are all apart of the strategy required to have a beautiful lawn with effective, strategic landscaping.

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Better Growth through Structural Pruning

Structural pruning is great for trees of any age. This process keeps trees from becoming to branch heavy while also maintaining the shape and health of the tree. Determining the effective trimming of branches without sacrificing the look of the landscape is integral in creating a unique, healthy space for both the plants to grow and for you to enjoy. With decades of pruning experience and an eye for landscape design, your project manager will walk you through the concepts behind why your tree needs to be trimmed and how the trimming will aid in the overall health of your lawn, trees, and bushes for years to come.

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What is Deadheading and How It Helps.

Deadheading is an essential spring cleanup task that leads to fuller flowers next season. Deadheading is basically the removal of dead or faded flowers/petals from the plant. Doing this will allow the plant to put its energy into the new flower head instead of the dying flower and, as a result, you will enjoy fuller and healthier plants. Think of it as pruning for flowers. By focusing on growing healthier blooms, the plant can use its resources more effectively resulting in a brighter, more beautiful bush.

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