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We Predict These 3 Landscaping Trends for 2022

With the last few years finding most of us spending an increased amount of time at home, many Americans are turning their attention to expanding and improving their outdoor living spaces. And while some outdoor entertaining and gardening emerged as pandemic hobbies, interest in outdoor living is expected to continue into 2022.

Here are 3 trends you’ll see outdoors this year: 

More Functional Growing SpaceWhile not everyone has the luxury of a large backyard suitable for growing, it is still possible to create the garden of your dreams with strategic use of space. Urban homeowners and renters are finding creative ways to enjoy gardening without permanently changing their landscaping or taking up precious square footage in their yards.

Raised gardening beds are a popular option for urban landscapes since they do not require any existing greenspace, which can be rare for urban homes. Garden beds can be constructed out of wood and filled with the appropriate type of soil. This is a great strategy for renters since they are not permanently fixed.

In addition to raised beds, vertical gardens are a great way to maximize growing without taking up space. In vertical gardens, plants are grown upward using trellises or other structures. They can be great options for urban yards with fences. 

Sustainable Gardening

Environmental concerns are on the rise and incorporating sustainability into gardening will be popular in 2022. Gardening sustainably includes considering the ecosystem in addition to aesthetics when planning your garden. Choosing plants native to the local climate and soil conditions helps eliminate the need for excess water and fertilizer. Additionally, native plants can help support pollination which is essential for the ecosystem.

The coming year may also see a reduction in the use of gas-powered gardening equipment that contributes to air and noise pollution. As an alternative, many homeowners are turning to more hardscaping, such as brick and stone, or sustainable turf that does not require mowing and trimming like grass does. These low-maintenance options also make it easy to have an enjoyable outdoor space without time-consuming upkeep.

Home-grown Ingredients

Another popular trend for outdoor living spaces is home-growing cooking ingredients like produce and herbs. Not only does this give growers more control over the quality of ingredients going into their food, but it can also help them feel more connected to their contribution to the meal. Additionally, growing ingredients at home and harvesting as needed can drastically cut down on food waste.

Home-growing herbs like mint, basil, or rosemary can easily be grown in containers or raised beds and are a good option for novice growers. Vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and kale take a little more time and attention but are a great way to start hobby gardening. They can be grown directly in the soil or in containers or beds, which makes them versatile for all types of outdoor spaces.

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  2. Fascinating article guys. Sustainable gardening is a topic we wrote about in one of our own blogs. Not only would this be an amazing trend to catch on for the environment, but they look amazing too!

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