Leaf Removal Services in Loudoun County

The summer is over and the autumn brings cool, crisp mornings and with it, some falling leaves. While the changing colors are gorgeous; the dead leaves in your yard are quite the opposite. As the season progresses, your trees begin to shed their leaves in preparation for the winter months and that means tons of leaves in your yard. While some leaves are good for your yard, too many leaves piled up can kill your grass. A perfectly healthy lawn can be wiped out by leaving leaves sitting on the top for too long.

Leaf removal is imperative to keeping your landscape beautiful throughout the changing seasons. As we move from fall to winter, leaves fall and can make for an unsightly look that many homeowners would rather see gone. Raking can take hours and is time-consuming and can leave many people with sore backs and blisters on their hands.

Spring Cleanup

Our leaf removal services will make sure that your entire yard is leaf-free and that your beds, yard, decks and driveway are ready for the colder months. Let us save you time and back pain with our staff of trained yard maintenance professionals where we can get the job done quickly and right the first time. 

Leaf Removal Companies in Purcellville, VA

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Scheduling your yards leaf removal with Wildwood Landscape is easy and hassle-free. We’ve been cleaning up yards in Northern Virginia since 2005 and can definitely take care of your leaves this year. Ready to schedule your leaf removal? Click or call (540) 338-7190 to talk to a team member today!