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Our Favorite Summer Flowers for Northern Virginia Flower Beds

Our Favorite Summer Flowers for Northern Virginia Flower Beds

It can be a challenge to plan out a garden or landscaping project without a little bit of knowledge about what you’re putting into the ground. It is critical to understand the right combination of flowers, plants, and greenery while understanding blooming times and how to make the best choices to provide the most color for as long as possible in your garden.

Making the right choices in your landscape design can provide instant curb appeal to your property by creating visual interest and providing pops of color. Choosing plants that offer year-round greenery with bursts of seasonal blooms will make your landscaping shine all year long.

Know Your Zone

Since all plants thrive in different environments, it is crucial to understand your planting zone. Here in northern Virginia, we are in zone 6, which happens to be one of the hardiness zones in the United States. Our growing season for zone 6 offers us a longer time frame for growing most vegetables, fruits, shrubbery, flowers, and other plants.

Go for Year-Round Color

First thing is first. You will want to choose some plants that will offer pops of year-round color in your zone. Different types of plants bloom at different times of year, so adding a nice mix of flowers, trees, shrubs, and ground cover will offer your garden the most variety in color and height for seasonal visual interest.

What is the Difference Between Annuals and Perennials?

Annuals are flowers that, after planting, will grow, bloom, and die. These will need to be replanted annually – hence the name. Perennials, on the other hand, will re-bloom every spring.

While perennials do return every year, they tend to have a shorter blooming period than annuals. For this reason, most gardens should contain a complementary mix of both types of flowers to provide the most coverage and color.

Summer Color

Everyone wants their garden to be in all its glory during the summer months when we spend more time outside enjoying these spaces. Read on to find out which types of plants we recommend including in your landscape design to ensure that your yard will dazzle you and your guests all summer long!


These small flowering trees will do well in zone 6.

  • Cherry
  • prairie fire crabapple
  • ruby-red horse chestnut
  • PeeGee hydrangea
  • Japanese tree lilac
  • star magnolia
  • showy mountain ash
  • and witch hazel


Try these shrubs in your zone 6 landscaping project.

  • Weigela
  • forsythia
  • seven bark hydrangea
  • and rose of Sharon


These zone 6-friendly perennials will add beautiful color to your landscaping.

  • Dianthus fire and ice
  • iris cloud ballet
  • Lupinus purple swirl
  • monarda blue moon
  • fritillaria Meleagris
  • and Turkish delights

Designing a Colorful Garden Design in Northern Virginia

At Wildwood Landscaping, we are proud to offer our clients beautiful and dynamic landscapes that suit their aesthetic while keeping functionality and sustainability in the design. Whether you would like to add some curb appeal to your property or if you would like to add full-service cooking or water features to your outdoor space, Wildwood Landscape is here to meet all of your landscaping needs in Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Contact us today to schedule your personalized landscaping consultation!


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