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Curb Appeal Tips for getting your Home sold in Fall

Thinking about selling your home this fall? We have just a few tips on how you can get the biggest bang for the buck starting all starting outside with your curb appeal! Nothing is better than getting people through the door than an inviting garden or gorgeous walkway that leads people right into the front door and straight to that offer letter. Read on to find some outdoor tips to getting your home sold!

Mow the Lawn.

Sounds easy, right? Just a simple mow can get heads turning when it comes to selling your home. Give your home the best first impression by creating those gorgeous grass lines and trim up the edges to give it that crisp feel. After all, first impressions are lasting ones!

Prune Trees and Bushes.

Does it feel like your potential buyers have to crawl through a jungle to get through the front door? Pruning bushes and trees that surround the front of the home and the walkways can give a great impression and they won’t leave the potential buyers feeling like they are buying a project house.

Plant Aesthetic Plants.

Pops of color can go a long way in a home sale and for a home’s exteriors. Finding gorgeous blooms can make potential home buyers feel welcome and invited into the home. A great garden bed can really frame your house and lead to some great offers.

Mulch Flower Beds.

Nothing looks better than a freshly mulched flowerbed outlining the potential sale. Rich mulch can really make a house pop in a neighborhood and get people buzzing about the sale. You can find mulch in many different colors that can really compliment a home.

Spruce Up the Front Door.

Don’t forget about your front door area! Having some potted plants around the door can give a look of freshness and a place that isn’t stale and forgotten. A few colorful pots with some complimenting blooms can bring a smile to anyone’s face- especially buyers.

Whether or not you are planning to sell or planning to stay, giving your outdoors a little facelift can go a long way for you and your neighborhood. Ready to get your home ready? Give us a call at (540) 338-7190 and schedule your free quote today!

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