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Top 5 Gardening Trends We’re Loving Right Now

During the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, gardening took on a new life for many people – even those who had never considered it before. From seasoned green thumbs to people who had never planted a seed before, people all over the world realized the many benefits of gardening and how it could help them get through challenging times.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite gardening trends for you to try in your yard in 2022.

Sowing Seeds

We are accustomed to getting the things that we need or want quickly. Having to wait can be frustrating for some of us, but starting your garden from seed can be a rewarding experience with a wonderful pay off as you see your work bloom before your eyes. Not only will you get to watch the transformation from seed to mature plant, but using seeds is an economical way to create a bountiful garden.

You can find inexpensive seed packets at almost any home improvement or grocery store, making it even simpler to get started on your garden.

A Happy Palette

When you start to plan out what you want in your garden, think about using colors that bring you joy and make you feel good. Adding pops of bright color to your garden beds will deliver beauty, positive energy, and an instant mood boost. Think rose mallows, freesias, pink kalanchoe, black-eyed Susan, crocosmia, and dahlias.

Don’t underestimate the transformative power of beautiful colors in your garden, whether they come from flowers or food!

Edible Gardening

The uncertainty we felt during the pandemic renewed people’s interest in self-reliance and sustainability. One of the simplest ways that people began to apply these age-old principles was by growing their own vegetable gardens. Producing your own food is a wonderful way to save money and feed your family fresh, nutritious, home-sourced food.

You can choose to sow seeds or plants directly into the ground, use raised beds, or even create a bountiful container garden on your patio or porch.

A Laid-Back Lawn

Gardening enthusiasts have noticed a trend in lawn care. Much like our changing attitudes towards letting go of what doesn’t work for us and embracing what makes us happy, people are employing a laid-back attitude in their garden design. Say goodbye to the days of stuffy, measured grass-cutting lines and say hello to a more relaxed, imperfect lawn vibe that brings nature back to your yard.

Including elements like wildflowers or jasmine climbing on a fence can add to your tranquil, breezy aesthetic.

Green Gardening

Sustainability has been at the forefront of all our minds. Gardening trends have become increasingly focused on using things that are readily available and creating the least amount of waste possible. People have embraced composting to reuse the organic resources that they have on hand to help them enrich what they are growing in their garden.

Consider using interesting containers that you already have in your home to up your green game in your garden!

Let Wildwood Help You Plan Your Dream Garden

At Wildwood Landscaping, we are proud to help our clients create beautiful gardens that work with their aesthetic while keeping functionality and sustainability in mind. If you are in Northern Virginia or Maryland and need help planning your garden space, Wildwood Landscaping can help. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts!

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Our Favorite Summer Flowers for Northern Virginia Flower Beds

Our Favorite Summer Flowers for Northern Virginia Flower Beds

It can be a challenge to plan out a garden or landscaping project without a little bit of knowledge about what you’re putting into the ground. It is critical to understand the right combination of flowers, plants, and greenery while understanding blooming times and how to make the best choices to provide the most color for as long as possible in your garden.

Making the right choices in your landscape design can provide instant curb appeal to your property by creating visual interest and providing pops of color. Choosing plants that offer year-round greenery with bursts of seasonal blooms will make your landscaping shine all year long.

Know Your Zone

Since all plants thrive in different environments, it is crucial to understand your planting zone. Here in northern Virginia, we are in zone 6, which happens to be one of the hardiness zones in the United States. Our growing season for zone 6 offers us a longer time frame for growing most vegetables, fruits, shrubbery, flowers, and other plants.

Go for Year-Round Color

First thing is first. You will want to choose some plants that will offer pops of year-round color in your zone. Different types of plants bloom at different times of year, so adding a nice mix of flowers, trees, shrubs, and ground cover will offer your garden the most variety in color and height for seasonal visual interest.

What is the Difference Between Annuals and Perennials?

Annuals are flowers that, after planting, will grow, bloom, and die. These will need to be replanted annually – hence the name. Perennials, on the other hand, will re-bloom every spring.

While perennials do return every year, they tend to have a shorter blooming period than annuals. For this reason, most gardens should contain a complementary mix of both types of flowers to provide the most coverage and color.

Summer Color

Everyone wants their garden to be in all its glory during the summer months when we spend more time outside enjoying these spaces. Read on to find out which types of plants we recommend including in your landscape design to ensure that your yard will dazzle you and your guests all summer long!


These small flowering trees will do well in zone 6.

  • Cherry
  • prairie fire crabapple
  • ruby-red horse chestnut
  • PeeGee hydrangea
  • Japanese tree lilac
  • star magnolia
  • showy mountain ash
  • and witch hazel


Try these shrubs in your zone 6 landscaping project.

  • Weigela
  • forsythia
  • seven bark hydrangea
  • and rose of Sharon


These zone 6-friendly perennials will add beautiful color to your landscaping.

  • Dianthus fire and ice
  • iris cloud ballet
  • Lupinus purple swirl
  • monarda blue moon
  • fritillaria Meleagris
  • and Turkish delights

Designing a Colorful Garden Design in Northern Virginia

At Wildwood Landscaping, we are proud to offer our clients beautiful and dynamic landscapes that suit their aesthetic while keeping functionality and sustainability in the design. Whether you would like to add some curb appeal to your property or if you would like to add full-service cooking or water features to your outdoor space, Wildwood Landscape is here to meet all of your landscaping needs in Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Contact us today to schedule your personalized landscaping consultation!


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We Predict These 3 Landscaping Trends for 2022

With the last few years finding most of us spending an increased amount of time at home, many Americans are turning their attention to expanding and improving their outdoor living spaces. And while some outdoor entertaining and gardening emerged as pandemic hobbies, interest in outdoor living is expected to continue into 2022.

Here are 3 trends you’ll see outdoors this year: 

More Functional Growing SpaceWhile not everyone has the luxury of a large backyard suitable for growing, it is still possible to create the garden of your dreams with strategic use of space. Urban homeowners and renters are finding creative ways to enjoy gardening without permanently changing their landscaping or taking up precious square footage in their yards.

Raised gardening beds are a popular option for urban landscapes since they do not require any existing greenspace, which can be rare for urban homes. Garden beds can be constructed out of wood and filled with the appropriate type of soil. This is a great strategy for renters since they are not permanently fixed.

In addition to raised beds, vertical gardens are a great way to maximize growing without taking up space. In vertical gardens, plants are grown upward using trellises or other structures. They can be great options for urban yards with fences. 

Sustainable Gardening

Environmental concerns are on the rise and incorporating sustainability into gardening will be popular in 2022. Gardening sustainably includes considering the ecosystem in addition to aesthetics when planning your garden. Choosing plants native to the local climate and soil conditions helps eliminate the need for excess water and fertilizer. Additionally, native plants can help support pollination which is essential for the ecosystem.

The coming year may also see a reduction in the use of gas-powered gardening equipment that contributes to air and noise pollution. As an alternative, many homeowners are turning to more hardscaping, such as brick and stone, or sustainable turf that does not require mowing and trimming like grass does. These low-maintenance options also make it easy to have an enjoyable outdoor space without time-consuming upkeep.

Home-grown Ingredients

Another popular trend for outdoor living spaces is home-growing cooking ingredients like produce and herbs. Not only does this give growers more control over the quality of ingredients going into their food, but it can also help them feel more connected to their contribution to the meal. Additionally, growing ingredients at home and harvesting as needed can drastically cut down on food waste.

Home-growing herbs like mint, basil, or rosemary can easily be grown in containers or raised beds and are a good option for novice growers. Vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and kale take a little more time and attention but are a great way to start hobby gardening. They can be grown directly in the soil or in containers or beds, which makes them versatile for all types of outdoor spaces.

Ready to Revamp Your Outdoor Space?

If you are ready for an on-trend outdoor space, Wildwood Landscaping is here to help. Request a quick and easy quote today.

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Planning Your Landscaping For 2021

The cold months at the end and beginning of the year are the perfect time to start planning your next landscaping project.  The earlier you begin planning, the better – don’t wait until the summer to begin! Landscapers usually schedule ahead 6 – 8 weeks in advance.  Begin planning with a landscaping company before it starts to warm up so you can enjoy your property in the warm weather. Landscapers are busy year-round, and a good company will be willing to plan ahead with you.

Budgeting for Your Next Project

The first and most important for planning your landscape for next year is to figure out your budget. Whether your looking to build a new outdoor structure, plant new shrubberies, or just do simple maintenance, it’s important to know what needs to get done and what you can afford before planning out anything else. Don’t just look at the budget from last year, either – your property’s needs can change yearly, so it’s important to talk to a professional about what you want and what your property needs. Talk to a local landscaping company and submitting a request for proposal (RFP) will help you better understand what your budget is.

Plant What’s In Season

All plants are unique, from appearance to planting time to hardiness. All plants have an ideal planting time and an ideal environment in which to grow, and talking to your landscaper or nursery will help you to keep your plants healthy and get the most out of them. 

Plan With Your Landscaper 

Planning ahead is very helpful and saves both time and money, both for yourself and the landscaper. Plotting out what you want to be done with your landscaper ahead of time ensures you’re getting exactly what you want and they know exactly what to do. It can save a lot of money in the long run – deciding what you want as you go will be timely, not to mention expensive, and the landscapers won’t have a clear vision of what they’re supposed to do. Planning ahead cuts down on mishaps, and ensures that the landscaping company knows exactly what to do.

Hire the Right Landscaper

Make sure the company you use the right fit for your budget and timeline. Getting a professional design can be expensive – around $500 expensive – not including water features and detailed hardscape installations, which is why planning out what you want ahead of time is so important. A design is the company’s interpretation of what you want, and changing designs on paper is a lot less expensive than changing it on the fly in the middle of a project.

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15 Home Updates that will Increase your Home’s Value

Looking to sell your home soon or in a few years? Maybe you just want your home to stand out?  There are plenty of ways to make improvements, but not all will add value to your home.  See a list below of updates that will have your visitors or potential buyers excited about your home and help you get the most bang for your buck!

First Impressions will always have the biggest impact when it comes to your home. From the landscaping to the siding all the way to the front door- these things are what keeps people either coming back or running for the hills. 

Is your front door old or drafty? Replace it with a newer strong and energy-efficient door to keep the drafts out and to keep your guests warm to your home.  A new door can also be a beautiful and unique element to your home. In many cases, a fresh coat of paint is all you need to bring a new element to your curb appeal.

When it comes to landscaping, make sure you pull out all the stops (and the weeds). Trim any overgrown bushes and make sure your windows and doorways are visible because this allows gorgeous natural light into the home.  Add pops of color with bushes or flowers at varying heights to create beautiful depth. You can also create an interesting focal point by adding a fountain or updating a walkway with brick or stone. Wildwood Landscape is a local and professional landscaping company that specializes in creating outdoor spaces and scapes that accentuate your home. See completed projects at

Siding updates may not seem like an obvious fix, but new siding will enhance the look of your home and will be more fade-resistant than previous designs because of the updated products and technology.  Your old siding may be dull or stained from years of being in the outdoor elements so consider an update that will reap benefits long into your home’s future.

Inside your home, your updates can range from minor to major. Major home renovations will run you a pretty penny so you may not want to invest that kind of money or time into a major overhaul. Do some research in your area and see what other successful sellers are doing to update their homes because some minor updates will also make a big statement. Many of them can be done quickly and can still increase your home value.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the main areas that you will want to make updates to since they are the most used spaces in the home.  In the bathroom, you will want to look at the following things: paint, caulk, and grout. These are quick areas to make a change.  You can repaint, recaulk, and clean your grout easily and quickly and it will add a great look to potential buyers. Another way to update your kitchen and bathrooms is adding new light fixtures to enhance the space.

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and it’s definitely the number one area on a buyer’s list.  Minor updates will make a big difference and can include: resurfacing your cabinets, updating hardware, and updating light fixtures. Light in a kitchen makes a huge difference to homeowners and to the space. Under-cabinet lighting is fairly inexpensive and can add a great atmosphere to the space. Changing out large fixtures for recessed lights will enhance the space with clean lines and an open feel. Adding techy updates in your kitchen is a great addition as well.  For instance, you can change out regular sockets for USB ports or add motion-activated lights.

When it comes to updating your home, there are many ways to really get the biggest return on investment and we are here for all your outdoor needs. Whether you want to sell or stay in the home- our designers can create a space that works for you and your budget. From outdoor kitchens and water features, all the way to pools and gorgeous driveways- our designers have created amazing homes right here in Northern Virginia. Find us online at and see projects that we have done for your neighbors or give us a call for a free estimate at (540) 338-7190 today.